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Area manager Clara Burfutt scoops our March Employee of the Month

Area manager Clara Burfutt scoops our March Employee of the Month
Published: 19 March 2023

As of March 2023, our internal awards Employee of the Month is back — and it’s back with a bang. 

The scheme relaunched this year and runs until September 2023. It celebrates staff that have excelled in their role. For example, maybe they’ve taken the initiative to introduce a range of new activities into the life of the person who they support. Perhaps they have gone above and beyond to help one young man overcome a long-lived fear of being outside and in the wider community. 

Or, like Clara Burfutt, they’ve gone above and beyond to lead a team of five to help care for one of the people we support while they were in hospital receiving life-saving treatment. 

March’s winner goes to…

Clara is one of our area managers here at Frontier Support, and is the worthy winner of our March Employee of the Month Award. 

Clara and her team have been supporting Client X for the past 14 years. After coming to Frontier from a secure hospital, Client X has high support needs. 

Clara and her team are trained to support Client X effectively, but have had additional NAPPI training which helps develop proactive and preventative approaches to manage behaviours that challenge to keep Client X and others safe from harm. NAPPI also helps to manage the positive aspects of a person’s life and reduce behaviours that challenge, by providing enrichment across three main categories: Caring Community, Productivity and High-Quality Relaxation.

Clara leads by example. This was shown when Client X became seriously unwell and was admitted to hospital. To keep her alive, Client X had to wear a full face mask to allow for oxygen to be administered. When hospital staff tried to place the mask on, Client X wouldn’t allow this. 

However, Client X trusted all members of Clara’s team and would let them place the mask on her. To deal with this conflict, the team took it upon themselves to work out a rota so they could stay with Client X 24/7 during her hospital stay. 

“This was without the knowledge that they would be paid, but out of the kindness of their own hearts,” Frontier Support’s CEO, Tony Piercy says. “Our people are characterised by their kind and caring behaviour along with their dedication, professionalism and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for those they support. 

“Clara and her team were committed to supporting Client X and protecting her privacy and dignity,” Tony adds. “Clara, along with her team, gave up their own time and comfort to support Client X to keep the mask on and recover.”

Employee of the Month

Our Employee of the Month scheme highlights all the amazing and wonderful things our colleagues do. Each month, every colleague can nominate a fellow worker who has gone the extra mile in their role. 

Anyone can nominate a colleague for good practice or just doing something a little above and beyond the everyday. Each month, one person will be given a £50 voucher for all their hard work. While the runner up will be awarded with a £25 voucher.

Each month’s winner and runner-up will be placed into a pot to be crowned the Employee of the Year at our annual awards ceremony in October. 

The overall winner will receive a £250 voucher. At the October awards, we’ll also be naming our: 

  • Newcomer of the Year — who’ll receive a voucher worth £125.
  • Manager of the Year — who’ll also receive a voucher worth £125.
  • Awards for 10 and 15-years’ service. 
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