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Looking For Support

We’re an award-winning company who specialises in supported living. That means that we help the people we support to live as independently as possible within the local community.  Behind their own front door.

What does that look like?

It depends on the individual, their requirements and preferences.  It could mean:

  • living alone with a 24 hour package of care
  • cohabiting with one or two others with similar levels of requirement
  • living in a development of single person flats with a communal area.

Who is supported living for?

It can be for anyone with needs that challenge.  These might include Learning Disabilities, Autism, Aspergers, Epilepsy and Mental and Physical Health issues.  Generally speaking clients come to us via social services.  They may be currently living in a Treatment and Assessment Unit or perhaps they are coming to the end of full time education.  They may have been supported to this point by family and friends.  Usually they will be in receipt of personal budgets, direct payments or they may be self funding.

One thing we can say for sure is that Supported Living is often much more suitable for people with needs that challenge than their families first think.  We’ve a host of lovely feedback from families saying how thrilled they are to see their loved one living independently.  And how much they have flourished.

How does it work?

We can support people in their existing housing.  Alternatively, we work closely with housing partners who source appropriate accommodation in properties that meet our clients’ individual needs.  We predominantly work in London and the South East.  As part of our support we help people to maintain their tenancy – including paying the rent, looking after the property and getting along with the neighbours.

We work closely with all parties – including the person we’re supporting – to make sure that the care we provide is planned, appropriate and of the best possible quality.

What does supported living look like on a daily basis?

Support living is about helping people to live the life they want.  That means making sure that personal and physical care needs are met of course.  But also helping them to discover and develop new skills and interests.  So one day might see us helping Sophie to make her first shepherd’s pie and another we could be helping Solomon to manage his finances.

It’s about making sure that the people we support are safe, feel secure and have the confidence to try new things. And this is something we pride ourselves on. In 2023, Frontier Support was named as the best Supported Living Team across the South East at the Great British Care Awards, after judges said we ‘demonstrated true excellence’ in this field.

Would you like to refer someone?

If that’s the case, please do send an email to referrals@frontiersupport.co.uk and we’ll be sure to get back to you.