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Our Values

Our people are characterised by their kind, caring and ethical behaviour.  Their dedication, professionalism and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for those they support. Many have been with us for a long time, so we asked them to help set out what Frontier stands for.


  • Our management team, supported by the Board, looks to the future.  They develop the organisation so that it can respond to events and challenges effectively.
  • We have a strong organisational structure with robust governance and clear accountability.  This enables us to deliver the best-quality care to service users.
  • We are registered with and regulated by the Care and Quality Commission (CQC).  We were rated as ‘Good’ in our last inspection.
  • Transparency and trust are key components of our work. We encourage continuous open dialogue with those we support, their families, medical professionals and social workers.


  • We continually assess the political, social, economic and regulatory environment in which we operate.  Making sure that our offering meets the needs of everyone we support.
  • Our product offering, practices and training programmes are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain current and meaningful.


  • Everyone has the right to an active and meaningful life.  And we work hard to organise the right environment and support for our service users. So, we implementing positive behaviour support plans and strategies to help with the development of coping skills.
  • A robust training programme ensures that teams have the knowledge, skills and tools required to perform their roles to the highest standard.
  • We believe that care and support should be about much more than doing things to a person or for them.  We provide them with the skills to live their own lives by supporting/encouraging wherever necessary.


  • Frontier provides highly flexible, tailored care and support to individuals.  This enables them to lead an active life (from the comfort of their home) and do the everyday things that many of us take for granted.
  • Our approach helps people with even the most complex behaviours and previous histories of multiple service breakdowns to remain well and in their own home.
  • Service users are supported and cared for in a respectful way that upholds their wishes and dignity at all times.
  • We can offer continuity of care and support as our staff turnover rate is below industry average.


  • In common with the 2014 Care Act, we reject the one-size-fits-all approach in favour of a care system built around each person, their wishes and needs.
  • We support people to live active and socially inclusive lives in the comfort and privacy of their own home.
  • It is our aim to match the wants, needs and interests of the people we support to our support workers.  We provide continuity of care wherever possible.
  • We work hard to enable those we support to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of life skills. relationships and employment opportunities.