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‘Encouraging and supportive’: Esther Akinyemi wins our May Employee of the Month

‘Encouraging and supportive’: Esther Akinyemi wins our May Employee of the Month
Published: 19 June 2023

Providing imaginative, specialist care and support to people with a variety of needs is our speciality. And at Frontier Support, we have a strong team of employees who help us deliver this superior service. 

One person who is a brilliant example of this is support worker Esther Akinyemi, who wins our May Employee of the Month Award. 

Esther was crowned the winner of this award after she worked together with a team and hypnotherapist to help one young man who she supports overcome a long-lived fear of being outside and in the wider community. 

‘A great success story’

In her support worker role, Esther has been supporting a young man on the outreach service who has a phobia of being outside and accessing the community. At Frontier, we have been working with him to overcome this fear for quite some time now, as before coming to us he had not been out in the community for nearly five-to-six years. 

Through the support of staff like Esther and our in-house Clinical Team, Frontier supported him to find him a hypnotherapist to help overcome his panic about heading out into the world. 

We have been encouraging and supporting him for his sessions. And after four sessions of hypnotherapy, supported by Esther and his therapist, he went for a walk and did his own food shopping. 

“This is a great success story,” CEO Tony Piercy says. “And we have Esther, the wider Clinical Team and the hypnotherapist to thank for this. It might sound small, but organising hypnotherapy sessions for this young man and supporting him in going to these sessions has and will continue to make a massive difference in his life. Overcoming this fear puts him in the driving seat of his own life. 

“We look forward to supporting his access into the community and encouraging him to have fun doing so.”


Employee of the Month Awards

Here at Frontier Support, we want to shout about all the brilliant work our colleagues do. Which is why, we re-launched our Employee of the Month Awards in March this year to shine a spotlight on the wonderful work our colleagues do — and to hear how it makes a tangible difference to the people we support. 

Each month we encourage our colleagues to nominate a fellow worker who has gone above and beyond in their role. This year’s awards will come to a close in September and in October we’ll be hosting our annual awards which will name the overall Employee of the Year.

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