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Clinical Team

One of the things that sets Frontier Support apart is our in-house Clinical Team.

Clinical Director, Lee Elkin, heads the team.  Lee has many years’ social care experience.  Also training from the Tizard Centre and the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis. Having this expertise in-house rather than needing to involve the NHS is a huge advantage:

  • faster decisions for the people we support
  • support that is more responsive to their changing needs

We are always mindful of dignity, privacy and cultural and religious needs.  Not just of the people we support but also of our staff and visitors. All care – physical and psychological – is assessed, planned, prioritised and of the best possible quality. It is always centred around the person we’re supporting and evidence-based.  This is in accordance with CQC and company standards.

Initially, the Clinical Team might work intensively with someone new to Frontier who has needs that challenge.  They will observe the function of their behaviour and put interventions and strategies in place to manage that.  Over time, they step back in favour of the support team.  But they continually monitor the situation in the background and can be quickly called in to review strategies if circumstances change.

At Frontier, we use the most up to date Positive Behavioural Support strategies.  These are about improving quality of life and behaviour.  Not trying to ‘fix’ the person. Instead, we fix things around them.  By changing the environment, using proactive strategies and teaching new functional communication skills.  So they no longer feel compelled to use behaviour that challenges.

We recently were crowned as the best Supported Living Team across the South East at the 2023 Great British Care Awards, after our team went above and beyond to help care for one of the people we support while they were in hospital receiving life-saving treatment.