Supported Living services

Supported Living Services for Various Kind of Disabilities

We have an established supported living relationship with Zetetick Housing but can work with a range of housing providers find accommodation that fits with a person’s existing network. The key difference with Frontier Support is that the provision of support and accommodation are not tied together which enables the person to remain in full control.  One of the core functions of our team is to help the person maintain their tenancy.

People are supported in their own homes. Should individuals require personal care then our focused team will develop a personalised support plan detailing what they need and how they prefer to be supported. This level of support is our regulated activity and is then inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

At Frontier we work with our housing partner Zetetick Housing ( we are able to offer individuals who are part of the Transforming Care agenda a service that, regardless of their complexity, gives them the opportunity to live a meaningful life in a support setting of their choice.

We currently provide single person supported living services ranging from waking night or sleepover support up to 24 hours a day to outreach support.

We have a ten-year history of how our combined behavioural and operational management approach has sustained the supported living environment for individuals with some of the most complex behaviours and previous histories of multiple service breakdowns.