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Mary Otoo, Deputy Area Manager

I have been working in social care for nine years. I started my career as a support worker. I have worked with people with different mental health conditions and physical disabilities.

My passion lies with supporting people with autism and mental health conditions in the best possible way.  Having a brother with autism and special needs, I love seeing the people we support grow and attain some level of independence and confidence around performance of their daily tasks and activities. My greatest joy is being able to put a smile on the faces of people we support.

I believe in the use of person-centered techniques so that the people we support can develop interests and skills specific to them.  Frontier Support prides itself on using this approach.

Working in Social Care can be fulfilling, but it does come with challenges. Such as navigating processes and procedures with government or third party organisations to access certain services for the people we support.

Outside of work: I love to cook, watch adventure movies, read, listen to music and visit places of interest.  Also, fellowship and spending time with my lovely family.


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