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Is this company the best employer in Croydon? Or even South London?

Is this company the best employer in Croydon? Or even South London?
Published: 6 August 2019

Frontier Support is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for a Best Employer award in both the Croydon and South London Business Awards. There were a record number of entries in both sets of awards.

CEO Tony Piercy, said: “This is fantastic news.  At Frontier Support we have around 140 staff, most of whom work in the community supporting vulnerable adults in their homes.  The work is incredibly rewarding but also challenging.  We are extremely aware that without our team there is no Frontier.  So, we do our utmost to provide the training and professional support they need to do their jobs to the high standard that they do.  And it’s great to be recognised for that.

“We are also passionate about raising the profile of care as a career, rather than just a job.  There is a recognised recruitment problem within our industry.  We’re keen to address the perception that supporting vulnerable adults is focussed around delivering personal care with little or no opportunity for advancement.  At Frontier, around half our existing management team have come up through the ranks and, through a programme of secondments, training and mentoring, we like to support our carers to progress into managers if that’s what they want to do.”

Frontier Support has also been shortlisted for Best Business for Customer Service in the South London Business Awards.  The finals of the Croydon Business Awards are on Thursday 3rd October.  The winners of the South London Business awards will be announced on Thursday 31st October.

If the company is successful then the Frontier Employee of the Year will receive the award on behalf of the company.


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