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Introducing apprenticeships at Frontier: “It’s our commitment to the workforce”

Introducing apprenticeships at Frontier: “It’s our commitment to the workforce”
Published: 28 September 2021

As the old saying goes: ‘You learn something new every day’ – and that quote really does ring true here at Frontier Support.

It’s even more apparent this year because in July, we launched our brand-new apprenticeship scheme, offering employees the chance to widen their skillset, gain new qualifications and progress through their career in care.


Putting the focus on training

Iqbal Sohawon, Head of Learning and Development, says: “Frontier is really proud of the focus that it puts on training. In a time where a lot of providers aren’t conducting face-to-face training, we’re still shining a prominent light on it.

“During an average month, around 60-75% of my working days are spent putting on face-to-face training sessions.

“We see our apprenticeship scheme as an extension of our extremely robust training programme – it’s our commitment to the development of the workforce.”


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a brilliant way of learning new skills on the job and gaining a new qualification (or two) while you do it.

As an apprentice, you’ll work alongside experienced staff and complete your qualification in the workplace. This could be by showing examples of how you have helped the people we support manager their budgets to administering prescription medication.


What apprenticeships are available?

For those especially new to the industry, you could do an apprenticeship in a direct care or support role. But there are other apprenticeships to get stuck into across the care spectrum.

Iqbal says: “At Frontier, because of our secret weapon – our in-house Clinical Team – We have more career pathways than the traditional form of social care. And our apprenticeship scheme has just widened this.”

We now have five different apprenticeships available, right from a Level 2 apprenticeship which is equivalent to a GSCE, to a Level 5 apprenticeship which is equal to a foundation degree. Apprenticeships include:

  • Business administrator
  • Recruitment resources
  • Learning mentor coaching
  • Professional accounting technician
  • Learning and development practitioner

Most apprenticeships last between 12 months and two years – although the length will be dependent on the level of qualification you take.


How to be eligible

Once you have passed your six-month probation with us at Frontier, you are then eligible for consideration for an apprenticeship.

“We believe our apprenticeship scheme is important,” Iqbal adds, “because it’s makes sure that we have professional staff, delivering professional support to the people we support.

“Traditionally, social care has been seen as an unskilled job. But we know it’s the opposite.

It’s a highly skilled job, full of highly skilled people. The apprenticeship scheme gives these skilful people a clear way to progress through their career in care.”

Iqbal concludes: “Not only is this beneficial to our employees, it’s beneficial to our team and it’s beneficial to the people we support.”


Whether you are new to adult social care, or have been in the industry for years, there’s an apprenticeship scheme for you. If you’re thinking about progressing your career in care, keep an eye on our job page.

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