Positive Behaviour Support is an evidence based approach with the focus on increasing a person’s quality of life and reducing the frequency and severity of their emitted behaviours. At Frontier we have a great deal of experience in devising positive behaviour support plans and implementing strategies. We are also committed to positive behaviour support training within our organisation.

In its simplest terms if we get the environment and support right then the individual can respond to the world around them in a positive way. This means paying attention to the person’s emotional and sensory needs and removing environmental and emotional stressors or supporting them to develop coping skills and strategies.

In practice, this has meant removing sensory difference stressors that others might not have been aware of. For one person that meant removing photographs and pictures, for another requesting that support staff wear pastel or light shades of clothing.

Positive behaviour support is the best tool we have for supporting individuals with Autism.

We have made significant investment in ensuring we are able to identify the needs of each person and support positive practice in this area. In 2015, Lee Elkin – our Director of Practice – completed his training with the Institute for Applied Behavioural Analysis (www.iaba.com ) and was personally tutored by Gary La Vigna the Behavioural Director.

In November 2016 Clara Burfutt, Assistant Behavioural Practioner attended the IABA four-day training program to enhance her skills and knowledge. Clara has been an approved NAPPI UK trainer and is well versed in the theory of positive behaviour support and applying its theory to practice.

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