We provide help and support to a number of adults with Autism Spectrum Condition or Disorder. Whilst there is no cure for Autism we can help equip the people we support with strategies to help them cope and to make life more manageable. This consistent support and the involvement of our Autism Specialist who not only works with the people for whom we care but also provides extensive specialist training to the Frontier team can make a huge difference to those living with Autism Spectrum Condition and their families.

Consistent support is essential for successful living with Autism Spectrum Condition. We work with individuals in a very structured and pragmatic way ensuing they have as much control over their own lives as possible. We build a structure with them that enables them to cope with day to day life. We work closely with Dr John Biddulph who has a special interest in Autism so we can call on his skills and expert knowledge in a crisis situation or to help upskill the team around particular issues that people are presenting.

We have an excellent track record in using positive behaviour support in transforming the quality of an individual’s life and sustaining service delivery. With access to behavioural and managerial expertise we provide consistent support and break the cycle where there has been a previous history of service breakdowns or hospital re-admissions.

Dr John Biddulph ( has designed a bespoke 12 session sensory difference course for the Frontier team.  This has been so successful that he is now designing a follow-on course. This training is making a real difference to the way our support staff look at the world from the perspective of the individual and their sensory profile. It is a classroom based course using case study, discussion, reflective practice and presentations. Staff participating have found this to be a really effective way of developing their practice and increasing their confidence.

All staff receive NAPPI UK training ( as part of our commitment to providing values based positive support. In 2012 we achieved centre of excellence training status. We have two internal trainers who are required to maintain their NAPPI registration each year.

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We are a support provider for people with learning disabilities in the UK. If you, or a friend or relative, are struggling with a mental health issue then you need to speak to your GP. MIND and SAMARITIANS are good sources of information. In crisis, the best port of call is the Emergency Services.

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