We solve people problems by providing imaginative, specialist care and support for people with a variety of needs including Learning Disabilities, Autism, Aspergers, Epilepsy, Mental & Physical Health issues and Challenging Behaviour. We do this in their own homes and we’ve been working in this way across London and the South East since 2006.

Quality provision means quality of life and these are just some of the reasons that Frontier Support is a good choice :


We have a dedicated in-house behavioural team with many years experience and training from the world renowned Tizard Centre and the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis. This means faster response times for the people we support, particularly when they are in crisis.


We have a sizeable team of skilled and caring professionals spread across support work, behavioural support and operational management.

Checks and Measures

We have a clear structure that ensures our staff on the ground are best placed to deliver quality care to the people we support but with the necessary infrastructure to provide all the relevant checks and measures.

Industry Contacts

We have relationships with a number of industry specialists. These include Dr John Biddulph, specialist provider of Autism and Aspergers training, the Tizard Centre and the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis.


Our staff turnover rate is far below the industry average meaning much better continuity of care for the people we support.


We actively support team members through a range of qualifications and training from achieving the new Care Certificate to specialist behaviour and management qualifications.


We encourage continuous open dialogue with all parties including the person being supported, family, medical professionals and social workers.

Equal Rights

We challenge any situation that threatens the right of the people we support to live with freedom from discrimination and harassment.


We’re registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Best value care with better outcomes

We work within the CCG pan London framework prices depending on the level of need that we’re supporting.  This level of funding and support can give better outcomes to the person involved and if we compared cost to an inpatient scenario we would see a significant saving.  Most importantly it puts the person needing support back in the driving seat of their own lives.

This is what one parent told us about the difference she saw in her daughter when she moved from a residential care home to her own house with support from our team :

“Rebecca used to like going out but unless all the residents wanted to go no one could go out…. Since Rebecca has moved to be supported by Frontier in her own home her life has turned around.

It’s wonderful to see her in her own home leading a  full life.  This is the kind of life we’d all choose to have.  Why should it be any different for a person with a learning disability?”

We care about empowering the person we’re supporting

  • At Frontier Support, we believe that care and support should be about much more than doing things to a person or for them.
  • We involve the people we support in planning their care and designing their support plan.
  • We empower people to live active and socially inclusive lives incorporating :
    • Supported Employment
    • Life skills such as managing their own money, cooking and doing their food shopping
    • A range of leisure activities from sewing to sky diving
  • We do our best to match their wants, wishes, needs and interests to one of our support workers.

When can we help ?

The simple answer is probably ‘in most cases’ and also ‘pretty quickly’. There are many scenarios where commissioners will come to us at crisis point and ask us to provide an immediate service.  Over the years, however, we’ve found that the best route would be to stabilise the person’s behaviour in their existing situation.  So our team would start working with them to build trust and relationships while in the background we source an appropriate property and then manage the transition at the person’s pace.

But there are some key times in life when Frontier Support could be the answer :

  • When existing care and support arrangements are not working – we don’t give up on people!
  • We work very actively with younger people going through transition to adulthood
  • When a person requiring support is ready to live in their own home

A word about Zetetick Housing

  • We work closely with charity and specialist housing provider Zetetick Housing whose primary purpose is to find high quality accommodation for their tenants.  They are extremely responsive and work quickly following an assessment from a team to work with the person needing support to find the right property for them.

Next steps …

Either Tony Piercy, our Director of Operations or Lee Elkin our Director of Practice would be happy to have an initial conversation and can be reached on 020 8603 7230

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We are a support provider for people with learning disabilities in the UK. If you, or a friend or relative, are struggling with a mental health issue then you need to speak to your GP. MIND and SAMARITIANS are good sources of information. In crisis, the best port of call is the Emergency Services.

At Frontier Support we enable the people we support to live active and socially inclusive ...
We work within the CCG pan London framework prices depending on the level of need ...
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