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Diligent nature and positive can-do attitude earns Stephen Adeyemi Employee of the Month Award

Diligent nature and positive can-do attitude earns Stephen Adeyemi Employee of the Month Award
Published: 9 October 2023

We specialise in supported living. That means that we help the people we support to live as independently as possible within the local community, behind their own front door.

What is supported living?

Supported living is about helping people to live the life they want. That means helping them to discover and develop new skills and interests. But also making sure that personal and physical care needs are met of course. 

One brilliant example of how we help individuals live their life to the full — while making sure that they feel safe and secure — was the care, conscientiousness and attention-to-detail support worker Stephen Adeyemi showed with one person who we support here at Frontier. And it’s why he has been named as our September Employee of the Month. 

The problem

Medication is one area which our support workers are thoroughly trained in. Recently, one of the people who we support was in need of some medication, but the local pharmacy didn’t have the right amount in stock.

Stephen went back to the pharmacy on multiple occasions to make sure he could get the medication on time. When it became apparent that the pharmacist would be unable to get the right quantity, they asked our support staff to cut the medication.

Thanks to his stellar training, Stephen refused to do this as he knew of the risk that cutting medication by a non-professional without a medicine cutter brings. 

What happened next?

Stephen called 111 to get the right dosage for the night and made it his mission to find a pharmacy that had the appropriate dose in stock. 

The next day he found a professional to cut the medicine, which the person we support used for two nights, and he followed up on the medication with the local doctor’s surgery. It was brought to light that there was a new medication prescribed by the GP, which confused staff as they were not informed of the change. 

Stephen followed up about the medication by going to the pharmacy to inquire about the two different medications. As it turned out, the new medication prescribed was the same as the old but the difference was the brand name. Stephen demanded for a written confirmation stating both medications were the same in case any issues were to later arise. 

“It takes a lot of courage and bravery to challenge something, especially when professionals are telling you otherwise,” Tony Piercy, CEO of Frontier Support said. “But time and time again, Stephen refused to back down until he got to the bottom of the issue. 

“Stephen may have only joined Frontier this year, but he has shown great initiative and put his training into practice”. Tony added: “He is a well worthy winner.”

The overall winner is yet to be crowned

And just like that, 2023’s Employee of the Month has come to an end. This month, we’ll be hosting our Employee of the Year awards where we’ll announce the overall winner. 

The champion will receive a £250 voucher. At the October awards, we’ll also be naming our: 

  • Newcomer of the Year 
  • Team of the Year 
  • Awards for 10 and 15-years’ service. 
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