Transition to adult care services

Transition to Adulthood Services

Transition to adult services is often a time of concern for families and other stakeholders as it’s an unknown. Moving into adulthood can be problematic for people with complex needs. But we understand this and will work in partnership with schools, care managers and families to ensure good sustainable decisions are made at this crucial time and that the quality of transitional care is of the highest standard.

This can involve leaving school, transferring from children and family services to adult social care services, and/or transferring from children’s services to adult health services. Family carers are often concerned about what will happen when their young person leaves full-time education. They may also worry about the impact on their own lives, as schools provide a settled pattern, along with the opportunity to work, study or just have some time to themselves.

It has been recognised for many years that this period of change is not always well co-ordinated by services, and that planning can be poor and not started soon enough.

At Frontier we are trying to work proactively with commissioners from the local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) as they know the demographics of the people who need support. When people with high levels of need require a service built around them it takes time and careful planning. It may mean that the Frontier team begin work with a young person in their own home or while they are being treated at an assessment and treatment unit (ATU).