Learning disability services

Supporting Adults with Learning Disability Services

Around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability and this affects the way they learn new things such as education, living skills and employment. The majority of people we support at Frontier are adults with a primary diagnosis of a learning disability. Our approach is to work with them to develop a person-centred plan and each individual is helped by our learning disability support workers to engage with decision making in their own lives enabling them to take more choice and control every day.

People with learning disabilities are a diverse group with a wide range of abilities and this is where Frontier step in. We believe that with the right graded support people can continue learn throughout their lives enabling greater independence and autonomy.  At Frontier, we get to know a person to tailor the support to their specific range of needs. Once we’ve conducted a learning disability assessment and have a good understanding of the person we build a support plan/and or a positive behavioural support plan with them.  This plan will guide and direct the staff team’s responses and enable the person to learn new skills, like coping with anxiety in the community while food shopping or making friends in a social setting.

We truly believe that having the right graded support enables everyone to have the opportunities and lifestyle they want, in ordinary housing that they choose.