Quality Assurance- Disability care services

Quality Assurance

As a provider of care and support that may require helping people with their personal care we are required to be registered with the Care and Quality Commission, commonly known as CQC.

We were last inspected in 2016 and have been rated as Good.

More information about meeting the required standards can be found at www.cqc.org.uk To find information about our last inspection search in services in your home and then enter our company name or the following postcode CR2 6EB.

In addition to inspection by CQC we use the following to help obtain information about how we are performing :
  • Surveys
  • Critical friend reviews ( people external to the company who provide us with an independent view.)
  • Talking to our clients and relatives directly
  • Feedback from professionals
  • Review of complaints and complements
  • Reviewing other data available to us
  • Feedback from care and support staff