Rob Anscomb-Gates, CEO

I began my journey in supporting people 24 years ago in a residential setting with Norwood Ravenswood. Since that time, I’ve undertaken a variety of roles from providing direct support to people in need, managing others, overseeing the operational side of care provision and now CEO. Above all else, I’m still passionate about being part of the lives of people who, because of behaviour that may limit options in their lives, need some extra care and support.

Frontier Support is ten years young and I’m proud to be leading an organisation that puts people first every single time. Frontier’s culture is enabling and our support is always delivered in people’s own homes - with the majority of the people having their own flats.

We support a range of people with complex histories and give them the opportunity to grow and to be active citizens in their own community. We have a well-established workforce - many team members have been with us for several years - who are flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the people we support.

Outside Frontier, I’ve been practicing Yoga for 10 years and have recently become a teacher. I’m really interested in exploring how Yoga can help people with support needs to manage anxiety whilst also contributing towards their physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking for support yourself, you’re a parent, commissioner or potential member of our team then please get in contact as we’d love to hear from you.

Tony Piercy, Director of Operations

We are thrilled to announce that Tony Piercy has now joined Frontier as as Director of Operations and Deputy CEO. Coming to us from Caretech and having more than 30 years’ social care experience, we are looking forward to benefitting from his skills and expertise. To get to know him a little better, we gave him a light grilling :

There is never a dull day, when working in care. As the old saying goes – every day is different! Plus, I would like to think that I’ve had a positive impact on the lives of some of the people who I have worked with over the years.

I’m most looking forward to working with a range of people – from the brilliant in-house behavioural team to all the wonderful people that we support. My belief is that everybody deserves a chance and an opportunity to live their life to the full, and it is our job to enable them to do so - however big the challenge.

I like to spend time with my wife, Nicky, a Community Occupational Therapist, and my son and daughter. I also enjoying playing badminton and cycling with my mates. In terms of relaxation, I like to take a break down at my allotment, where I can be found sitting back in my deck chair and watching the weeds grow as fast as my vegetables!

Lee Elkin, Director of practice

The Behavioural Team ensures high standards of client care at all times. It is their responsibility to encourage good practice and ensure that others do the same. As a team we are always mindful of dignity, privacy and the cultural and religious needs of the people we support , staff and visitors. We ensure that all care - both physical and psychological - is assessed, planned, prioritised and of the best possible quality. As Behavioural Team Leader I am also responsible for ensuring that clinical practice across Frontier Support is centred around the person we’re supporting and evidence-based, in accordance CQC and company standards.

Jessie Matthews, Director of Quality