Buzz Team

Janet Neuwart - Disability support staff

Janet Neuwart

I’ve been a Support Worker for five years. My role is to help the people I work with to have fuller, happier and more independent lives. Working at the Buzzz Hub with an amazing team of like-minded people has made our Hub buzz with excitement and enthusiasm every day.

I trained and qualified as a reflexologist in 2009. I’m very passionate about using this holistic therapy and my work at the Buzzz Hub has given me the perfect opportunity to help people. I have recently started a counselling course so I can use counselling and holistic therapy in tandem to further extend the range of wellbeing services we can provide at the Buzzz Hub.

Lukasz Birycki - Disability support staff

Lukasz Birycki

I have been working in a care worker role for around six years. Most recently I’ve been involved with the Buzzz Hub. I am particularly interested in creating a safe and vibrant space for our users so they can socialise and develop their talents. Healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are passions of mine so I’m excited about the nutrition workshops that we run.

Dzhani Mehmad - Disability support staff

Dzhani Mehmad

I have a degree in Psychology, and hope to do a Masters Degree in order to become a Psychologist.  At the Buzzz Hub I am a session leader and it has been an amazing opportunity to put into practice everything I have learnt in my Psychology degree.  I probably most enjoy leading the Gaming Night and IT sessions, which are great fun.