The Buzzz Hub is our purpose designed environment in Croydon which provides a safe and welcoming space for people with Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s, Autism, Challenging Behaviour, Physical Disabilities and Mental Health Issues.


It’s a place where people with special needs can be active and creative in a relaxed and supportive environment. People can come together to learn, develop skills and build relationships. We work with number of professionals and are looking to expand the services we provide.


We currently offer Nutrition, IT & Communications Workshop, Art Therapy and Massage & Reflexology.


We can accommodate groups of up to 10 including support staff and Frontier Support’s Buzzz Hub is also available for hire. The purpose designed facilities include full wheelchair access, a sensory room, 65” flat screen TV, kitchen facilities and a small meeting pod.

NUTRITIOUS COOKING - disability Support services


People with learning disabilities often have poorer diets and health than the rest of the population but it’s important to remember that we are what we eat and a good nutritious diet can help with everything from fighting the common cold to lessening the likelihood of type two diabetes.

Our cooking sessions focus on introducing new foods to support a healthier lifestyle and learning to cook them in healthier ways. This leads to increased independence and a better quality of life.

IT & COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP - disability Support services


A great way to learn more about using smart phones, laptops and tablets to access the internet and communicate with friends and family via email and social media. These workshops also cover working with music and photos. The aim is to increase their confidence in using technology whilst educating participants about the need for safety and security.

 ART SESSIONS - disability Support services


These sessions use a wide range of art and creativity methods to aid communication and help participants to express their own ideas through subject matter that interests them. There’s lots of scope for flexibility and individual creativity plus the session are a fun a relaxing way to work alongside others.

MASSAGE AND REFLEXOLOGY - disability Support services


Our qualified staff can deliver reflexology sessions through the hands or feet in a treatment that stimulates corresponding areas of the body and promotes relaxation whilst relieving stress. Reflexology can also greatly improve circulation and has been proven to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

This is a great opportunity to experience massage in a relaxed environment. The client can pick their own essential oils or work with the therapist to choose something appropriate. They can also choose whether they listen to music during the massage, enjoy the silence or use the opportunity to chat to the therapist.